Tom Bunting is a writer and producer currently studying Journalism and Political Communications at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Tom is interested in politics and the effects decisions made by the government have on everyday life, along with the forces that have potential to change these institutions. A fan of media, Tom likes writing about the role journalism plays in our culture. He also enjoys writing about dumb things like video games and movies and technology.

For two semesters, Tom was the News Director of Emerson Independent Video, the largest student run media organization in the country. He managed the six studio new shows, pool of reporters and the rapidly growing website that make up EIV News. Before that, he worked on the organization’s coverage of the 2016 primaries and produced for EIV News at 9. Under his watch as News Director, the organization launched multiple new shows, reorganized their website as Emerson’s biggest home for student writing, and produced a four hour, multistate Election Special. It was pretty cool.

A San Francisco native, Tom went to high school at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in the film department, giving him experience and passion for shooting, producing, and editing videos.

More than anything though, Tom feels incredibly uncomfortable writing in the third person, and you can follow him on Twitter @tomhbunting.